I’ve been quiet for a while, but now, I come back because I want to say something very important.
                   Since 3 years, Madagascar’s situation becomes more and more boring, why?
                  Because the entire leader do what they want, without consideration of the people’s interest. Why do they stay there to their chair if they know they can’t manage the country?
                  Sorry, I will a little bit severe because the people don’t support the poverty anymore, and Iam here to present them.
                  Firstly, about the job, most of the people are become unemployed. Why?
                 Secondly, the price of all things in the market rises up. Why?
                Thirdly, the education is interromputed, the teacher refused to teach, the Minister refused to solve the problem. Don’t you know those students have the right to study?
                The government should think well, find solutions!!!!!
               Madagascar needs help now, but do you know what? Only us can solve and rise our country up.
              So, I beg the entire leader, please sir, and think about the future of our children if you really love our beloved country. You always said the children are the future of this country, the future of this country is on the hand of the youth generation.
             Some Parents can’t afford anymore the school fees now because they have no job. I think you know if they have no job, no money, no study for the children and of course no foods.
             Some Parents divorced. Why? Because the man can’t find a job, he can’t feed anymore his family and that does bring them into the crisis.
           Can you imagine that??NO MONEY, NO FOODS, NO STUDY and the most important: NO PEACE!!!
          When would those problems ended?
          The only one who can solve those problems is the only person who brought those problems to our beloved country. He should be conscient and decided about what to do.
           Sorry if I said something which didn’t please you because it’s the reality in MADAGASCAR now?
          If those persons (this person) are wise and love this country, why do they keep too much their chair(s)?
                              I look forward hearing from you.


Madagascar’s situation.

While the entire world is worrying about the climate change which causes different serious problems to human being, Malagasy politicians are worrying about how to get the power. That’s the reason why Madagascar has been in troubles for, at least a half a year now.

In fact, politicians pretend that they are fond of their Nation and for their compatriots, who are blinded by poverty and foodless.

However, the reality shows that no one of these political leaders really love never their country nor its people. I even dare to say that these numbers of person, we, people of this country, believe our leaders and saviors are no more than those who laugh at us. We are so much lunatic because we hope miracles from people who are as fool as we are.

But if we all want to change the bad situation on which our country is blocked, we should meditate about we are going to do [It begins with the mentality]. Personally, I think that the main issue is to avoid selfishness which still governs in our beloved country.


After a long time ago, Madagascar still in the trouble politics, social  and economics. After the Strike, the leader nan not see the best solution. They  had a discision  between all the politic’s groups but it’s  still like yesterday.

After an interview That I have done, many people said  That « We should not talk So Much, So Much noise Can not avoid the problem, we should Works together and don not repeat the something Bad that we’ve done before ».

Yes ! It’s better to have an election ‘cuz may be, not all the people who accept the HAT and that’s Can appear the undevelopment of Our country.

So ; many people think That It’s better to have an election.

The question Is  « WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT ? »

But for me, That ‘s right because Can avoid the problems we have. I lead ; let’s  choice and elect Our president of the next republic.

I believe That You Can think, So, I guess ; You agree with those people who want a new leader.

News from an interview That I have done.


Oh! My God! Politics! Politics! Politics! Amen.

Do you know about Politics or his secret?

It’s not our job but I just want to give you some details about the politics here in Madagascar.

Since January till know; the politics in Mada is become a big problem for everyone; especially; the students and civil because the students can not to go to school sometimes because of the strikes and politics’ problem.

The civil can not work; and it’s a pity for the seller and the someone who works for themselves.

Because of these problems; I wonder; is there not others solution rapidly for us?

I just want you to remember that, we haven’t any benefits from this problem, it’s destroys us but not to give us something important as they think.

If we are a good patriotic, in that case, we should to look for a best solution for our problems.

But that is an other problem too because we don’t know even if the solution that we looking for. We don’t know ; what is the real problem and what is the solution who have a relation with our problem , I’d like to say that it’s our problem, so we have to look for a best solution , even if you or me should to take the responsible ; we live here , so try to find a better solution with everybody.

You may say, “We should to pray”. And I’ll answer you that we have just done that every day; if we just to pray to God, without work, it’s nothing in front of our country.


Valentin’s Day

Hello! What is it ? I don’t know it ! And I’ll answer you that you are a liar if yuo said that you don’t know about Valentin(e)’s day tomorrow. Everyone said that it’s special for you and your girl or boyfriends . Isn’t it!

I just want to send  this for the girls especially:”It’s better to have a boyfriends but it’s better to to have a …!”


The last picnic with FOKO

The 21st December 2008 ; the Foko’s Club Tana organized a picnic which took place at Ambohidratrimo.It was a nice day, we had had much fun on that time, and we shared knowledge between each of us.

But the one thing made me to laugh was : “Koloina could not finished his part of bread even if he was so greedy”

It was a pity ‘cuz the time was not enough and the special bus did not come to take us at the end of the little holiday.
We leaved the place at 4: 48 p.m

Thanks Stephane and the leaders


Nowadays ; the traditions become a history but the manner of the practising was not the same. Even if the Malagasy people keep again the customs and traditions; one of them is the circumcisions.

In summarize, circumcision is means the take off a part of skins of the little boy’s genital.

Even if the goal is the same about the circumcision. The manner of accomplishment is depend of the wealth and the region for the Malagasy people.

For the Malagasy; there are a lot of circumcision’s kind.

The “Halatra”

A simple circumcision ; no inviting the relative and friends, except the family. There is no party, no wasting many money.

The “Hasoavana”

On this kind of circumcision, the family; the relative and friends have to come. This is with a big party and everybody will be happy; but there is cow to kill.

The “Sambatra”.

This is the very important circumcision for the Malagasy people. This is with a big party, a big fiesta and the someone who take part of this kind of circumcision waste a lot of money that they can do. The little boy must to wear a new clothes and the parents have to be satisfact.

The Malagasy people doing the “Sambatra” every seven years and the year begin by Friday’s day.

There are many rules to follow during the circumcision for the Malagasy :

“Mijery andro” or looking for a day; to avoid the problems and accident that can appear. The day of the accomplishing the circumcision called “Andron-jaza”

The Malagasy people do the operation or “Fandidiana”in the dawn of the morning between 2 till 5 o’clock..

One strong man keep the little boy so much and the “Rain-jaza” do the operating or “Fandidiana”.The father or Grand-Father of the little boy eat the part of skins from it.That’s means that he keep the little boy’s life safely in by the believing and customs malagasy.It is means also that he loves the little boy and his son.

The relatives or the public give something for the little boy that called “Hasin-jaza” or “Siki-jaza”.

For the Malagasy ; when the circumcision of a little boy is finish; that is means that he is become a members of man on the community; he is a real man .

That is means circumcision for the Malagasy; but all the Malagasy have is own customs also ;they are not the same as you think.

“Malagasy’s tradition” reported by me!

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Than you very much for your comprehension and I hope that you are satisfact by my work.